5 Places to Visit in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and it is most famous for its lights in the night time. The city seems majestic with the tall building and lighted towers at night. It is home to the most diverse mix of races and ethnicities. It is a major tourist attraction and we are here with a list of places you should NOT miss if you ever visit Toronto.

1. Royal Ontario Museum

ROM is one of the most famous museums of Canada having an international level of fame and identity. It is filled with exhilarating pieces belonging to history, arts and culture of the ancient times. This museum is surely for the people who love to get to know about the history of the places they visit. Royal Ontario Museum is the most recognizable buildings of Ontario and one must not miss this place.

2. Roger’s Centre

It is a massive dome shaped sports arena for the sport enthusiast to visit. Major matches of football, baseball and basketball etc. take place in Roger’s Centre. One must visit it to witness the glory of this sports arena and also enjoy an evening here with the food venders selling delicious street foods.

3. Casa Loma

It is a majestic building almost resembling a royal castle. The building and its surroundings are maintained gracefully and the ground around the building are really beautiful. There are ponds and grass and bushes and it all really ties up the whole royal castle vibes together. One is also welcome to stay in the suites of the castle and experience the ancient feels of living in a big castle with almost 100 rooms.

4. High Park

High park is the most beautiful ground area in whole Canada. It is huge in size with sunken grounds and it is made to look like a big beautiful garden. It has flowers, trees, hanging plantation, natural ponds and streams. It is a really good place for a picnic as you can sit in the part, relax and enjoy food that you brought yourself or buy it from around the park.

5. Ontario Science Center

Our exploring team has a special interest of science spots one can explore on a tour. So, we always try to give the geeky tourists a place to enjoy. It is a family friendly center that brings people face to face with all the recent discoveries in different fields of science.

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